Violation grade table


Im having a issue with my violation grade table,
10 days ago i got a violation level 3 for overspending at a airport area. I went all the way back to grade 2. Now its been 7+ days and it still shows 1 at level 3violation ( 7days ). And its been 10 days. Can i get help with this issue id like to fly back on expert server.


Hello mate,

Please try completing a short flight on the Training Server, just long enough to gain some XP.

This should hopefully refresh the Level 3 Violations (7 day) count to show the correct information and provide you access back to the Expert Server.

Let us know if it works.

Take care!


Hey Declan

Thanks for that information it worked back to grade 4 :).

No worries mate, glad it worked for you.

Enjoy being back at Grade 4 and have a great day!

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