Violation - Glitch

Hello, Yesterday I was flying and recieved 5 violations for over speed when I wasn’t even overspending. During my flight I lost my live server and the overspeed message stayed on my screen the entire time and never went away. Please help, as I dont know why I am being held responsible for these violations when I didn’t overspeed. I didn’t even know about the violations until I noticed my grade dropped! Can you guys please help? Thank you.


to 2.


Please share your replay video here

It was the system.


Are you getting mixed up with reports? The system is the only way you can receive violations. The system gave the OP the violations for over speeding.

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Oh yeah it’s the system didn’t realise @infiniteflight_17

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They system gave me the violations for overspending but never was.

Please upload the replay to so that we can take a look at it, or any relevant screenshots or videos from the replay.

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Can you please share the replay using this link?

Oops, you got it first :)

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