violation glitch

I was flying overnight from YSSY to ZSPD when I woke up I starded descending. I was doing the right speed. But for some reason when I finnished my flight I got 5 violation. Has anyone had the some problems to or is it something that iv done.

Hi there!

I believe this is a known issue, as there have been several other users who have experienced this problem. I recommend PM’ing a moderator or a member of staff and explain what happened and they might remove your violations.

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Ok thank you for your help

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No worries, if you need any more help make sure to PM me.

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Hey Seb!

Unfortuantely posting one screenshot does show the whole story. In order to lighten the load of the moderators, I suggest you share your replay so we can investigate further. You can share the replay by following the instructions here: I can see that in the top right corner you have a red connection. I assume that it’s red because you have been disconnected from the Live server because you got 5 violations. Once again, if you could share the replay we can dive deeper into your situation :)

What you are seeing is in fact a known issue (that a violation warning still remains even after you have adjusted your speed to fall below the violation thresh hold). That doesn’t mean the violations are not valid, however.


I know for sure they will need your replay, so I advise you to prepare in advance.

And you say it was an overnight flight.
Did you check your replay by yourself? Do you know what happened when you the violations?

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The problem is I must of lost connection early In my flight as my replay only shows my take off untull I lost wifi.

Okay, two things:

  • Are you sure you recieved violations at all? If you are disconnected for more than 45 seconds from Infinite Flight, you will be kicked from the server and you will be unable to rejoin and hence unable to gain any violations.

  • Are there any violations in your replay? Still sharing a replay would be of great help to us to investigate the issue.

You shouldn’t be getting violations at all if you have been disconnected from the Live server.

Ill get the replay now

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Handled separately.