Violation Glitch

Hello! I believe I have been wrongly violated and was wondering if anyone from the “Support” category could help. I was descending out of FL200 for 7,000 feet at an initial descent of 300kts, and just after I started my descent my screen froze! I couldn’t adjust my speed and supposedly was descending at 300kts under 7,000 feet. When my screen unfroze It said I have 5 violations! Can anyone help my situation, because I shouldn’t have 5 violations.

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Hey. @schyllberg might be able to help but if I was in your situation and my game froze I would have had to exit the game. I would’t risk and 5 minutes is a long time

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What aircraft?

Airbus 319

Do you have proof?

What is your display name and callsign?

Can we also please get device brand, model, and current operating system version.

A moderator will reply shortly :)

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My display name is Joshua Diehl, Callsign is Delta 735, I fly on the Apple iPad Air 2, and am currently on the most recent Infinite Flight Version.

I wish I did, but my screen was froze for a good 10,000 feet.

@schyllberg Can you help please

I’ve had a look at your file and I could see that multiple violations accrued. We’ve removed those vios so restart your app. Please be more careful able especially if descending. Overspeeding under 10,000 feet is avoidable in most cases.

Happy Holidays,

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