Violation given for landing short of the runway

I ran out of fuel and landed in the field short of the run way and was given a violation for over taxiway speed. I was wasn’t even on the airport area so why would this be in violation

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A ground overspeed violation is given when the aircraft’s is on ground & not on any runway, and its ground speed is not lowered below 35kts within a sufficient timeframe, regardless of whether the aircraft is within the airport boundary or not. This means you can, for example, land in the middle of the ocean and still get a ground overspeed violation if you don’t slow down fast enough.


lol strange but ok.

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I mean the alternative would be you exploding due to colliding with the Earth? I think a taxiway violation suits the simulator better.

Welcome to our community, dear sir. We are realistic, just not that realistic.

Hey Mr Duke, don’t take me wrong or in a negative manner, I was just curious that’s all. I love the game and greatly appreciate all the work that’s put into this game, without it we would not have such a great simulator to play with. I’m 73yrs old and enjoy this so much. I’m at grade 2 and so close to grade 3.
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No worries, just a sarcastic joke, that’s all :)

Appreciate the love for the simulator.

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The way I’ve always looked at it, it’s desirable to have the criteria get more challenging as you go from Casual Server, to Training Server to Expert Server.

CS frees you of speed limit consequences, and so TS takes one step up, boxing you in more for higher skill expectations: By the time you’re out of the air and done with the runway, the “skill demonstration speed” is to be controlled within the range of safe taxi speed.

And then ES adds a further layer with IFATC etc.

So it’s a philosophy of progressively increasing skill expectation limits.

Looking forward to ES, I like a not at a total lost I do have some flying in real time back in the 70’s -90’s. Thanks for the conversation