Violation for what?

I just received a level 2 violation at TNCM on the expert server for not following the ATIS. I looked over the ATIS and I saw nothing that I did that warranted a level 2 violation. Can I please get an explanation in what exactly I did wrong?

The best thing to do is contacting the controller, so they may explain the reason :)

If you think this violation was unfair, send a PM to @ appeals ;)


This could mean one of many things, depending on what you violated. One example could be, no pattern work is allowed and you decided to do pattern work. The ATIS has a lot of live info you need to know when entering the airspace, or spawning into an airport. I suggest next time you read it more carefully, so something like this doesn’t occur - assuming it was an actual ATIS violation because I am not aware of the whole story.

I suggest DMing the controller, and if necessary, contact @ appeals.


Hi there, I was your controller! You pushed back while there was a gate hold in effect (hence the reason “Failure to follow ATIS”) and a plane pretty close behind your aircraft. If you feel like this was an unfair violation, please contact @appeals. If you would like to have a further discussion about this matter, please PM me.


PM Controller or Appeals for further conversation. Thank You, Good Day