Violation for taxiing through someome

Quick question: What violation would someone receive for taxiing through someone? I have noticed you can receive a level 3 violation for “flying” through someone but I don’t know if IFATC considers you flying while on the ground

This one here:


The “flying through other aircraft” is a Level 3 violation because the majority of the times has the pruporse of ruin the flights of other pilots

I see, If you have just landed and are turning off the runway is that considered taxiing or are you still technically flying?

well that’s taxiing cuz…

I assume you are on the ground

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Well yeah, that’s what I would think because I just got a Level 3 for unintentionally “flying” through someone while I was on the ground. Was in the process of vacating the runway

Go into your logbook, find the controller, and PM him/her if you wish to inquire as to why you recieved that violation.

Your controller must have made a mistake if you indeed on the ground.

You can message your controller if you want some more info about this. Hopefully you can get this appealed by messaging @appeals to at least a grade 2 violation if you did actually taxi through someone.

Well yeah this is the whole issue, I sent a message to ATC and they agreed that it was their mistake, I should have received a level 2 violation. Sent an appeal and it got denied.

I think it’s best you contact a mod about that. What’s being said doesn’t seem to add up

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The only thing I can think of is that you are technically “Flying” until you are off the runway. But I haven’t heard much about this

We can’t provide the answers you’re looking for. Please message the upper jurisdiction accordingly.


Yeah, I just messaged a mod. Thanks for the insight everyone

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