Violation for Overspeed

I was climbing out over 10k feet and I set my speed to 320knts and it somehow diecomedlcted or something and I have a violation. I am wondering if this is pilot error because I can GUARENTEE that I set AP speed to 320knts and the plane went full power like it always does and got me to 320 and I then come back to the bathroom to see a violation.

250kts below FL100

I was above 10k. I am not that stupid. I was at about 12k I can’t rember.

Hey, if I’m reading this right, maybe you put the 320 kts too early and that caused a violation. We can check it out though. Please provide your Display Name and your Callsign and @schyllberg some other mod can see it.

Lol idk seems like alot of speed vios happening lately! I would maybe try contacting a mod

What aircraft were you flying

Callsign was Alaska 707 and name CaptainJackson-AVAP. I did not set it too early as I was above 10k feet by about 300ft.

I was in an airbus a320.

This is why we often recommend not leaving your device unattended during the climbing and descent phase of flight.

You received one violation at 13k feet for going 444kts ground speed.


What was your flight level when you cam back to your device

Ok but I had to go to the bathroom really bad I have been holding it in all day because I was in the car. I did set AP to 320 and I come back it is de activated so I do not know why that happened. Regardless that was not my fault.

Around 15k I would say I am not sure.

Then you go to the bathroom before starting a flight, much better. Not good with too much stress (: