Violation for not Landing on Runway

Simple feature. Should increase realism. This feature should be for the Grade 3 entry server.

Any thoughts?

The pilot will get a violation. If they land on the taxiway, they will get a violation for moving more than 35 knots.

I hope you realise I do know that. I have managed to land on normal ground without getting violations.

What server were you on?

training but its also possible on expert

I agree with the basic idea, and it would be helpful especially in the training servers, but i think that there are more prominent development that the devos should be focused on. Good thought though

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If you were on expert, you should have been ghosted. If you were in training, you were being rude by not landing on the runway and should have received a violation.

Dude, cut him some slack. It’s a valid point, but when does SHOULD make a difference in IF??

I agree its just an idea to float :)

its called improving the game. People over sped on taxiways before violations came out so I am just continuing the ideas flow to make this game better.

Chill out and sit down keyboard warrior.


As stated above, I’ve noticed that if you land too far left or right of a runway you can get a taxi speed violation. Same goes for takeoff. If there is a strong crosswind upon takeoff and you veer to far left or right, you will get a warning then a violation for breaking the 35kts on a taxiway. I’m not attacking anyone. Just giving an example of what can happen 🙂