Violation for following the rules.

I was going 35 on taxiway and very carefully tried to not exceed the limit, (which is 35) and didn’t exceed it. I was going 35 at all times yet got a violation.
Username: Lezginskiy, Callsign: N144SM


What you are seeing on the left hand side is air speed.
What was the ground speed? It’s shown just below the air speed indicator.


35 knots is not the recommended but the maximum value. The warning is triggered at 35 knots, and you shouldn’t go exactly 35 ground speed, especially after a warning was issued for your own sake. Nonetheless don’t worry as mistakes do happen to everyone. Just learn from it. 👍

Also check out @schyllberg‘s post regarding ground and airspeed.


Just a piece of advise so you know for the future and to keep realism:

We taxi at speeds of approximately 20 knots (23mph), and below 30 knots (35 mph), unless on the takeoff roll. In low visibility conditions and in congested ramp areas we taxi more slowly, perhaps 10–15 knots. Cornering speeds are lower, generally a maximum speed of 10 knots for tight 90 degree turns.


can u show us the bottom left part? that would help

Like schyllberg airspeed and ground speed are different. You can have 35 knots airspeed but ground speed is 10-20 it’s higher.

Depends on wind speed
if there is no wind they equal I believe (IAS and GS)

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Just a note regarding airspeed/groundspeed:

He probably had a tailwind. If you have a tailwind your groundspeed will be higher than your airspeed and vice versa.

Read more about speeds here:

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I know that. I’m also a RL pilot. I was just giving an example. @TransportForLife yes I’m pretty sure they are equal if you are on the ground. In the air is a different story.


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