Violation for Crashing

Hello everybody,

I just crashed short of final at Rick Husband International Airport which had low visibility. I entered in with APPR but bells and whistles started going off (if assistant) about 2-300 feet off of the ground and tried to disengage autopilot just before smashing into the ground. Speed was 150. I looked at my logbook and I have 2 violations for it. Do you get violations for crashing on the expert server? If so why would I recover two of them as I only crashed once? (Lol once)…

Thank you

I’m pretty sure you don’t get violations for that. Did you receive a warning before crashing?

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No. No warnings whatsoever.

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Was it for aerobatics?

Could you provide a screenshot please

Then I am pretty sure it must be a glitch in your logbook,unless the number of violations increased in your grade table.

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Should not have been as it was a straight down into the ground from 2-300 feet. The plane just quite flying and halfway nose dived.

It did decrease mine. I went from grade four to grade three.

It will say in your logbook what the violations were for


It does say Aerobatocs violations. But how is that possiblewhen the plane just sunk into the ground?

I took it off of autopilot and tried lifting up from a few hundred feet ago and it just sunk down into the ground and crashed.

Try contacting staff to see if they can remove it if you are not sure. Or try looking at this.

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Oh I thought this is where I can contact staff sorry

Ok. I emailed the support staff. Thank you all. This thread can be closed now.

Handled via PM. Thanks!