Violation for 200knts under 10,000ft

Ok, I just got 2 violations for going over 200 knots under 10,000 feet. I though the rule was under 250 under 10,000 feet? Can someone clarify?


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Are you sure it didn’t say 250?

It is 250 kts. But exactly what plane were you using

Flying Cirrus 22 and yes certain it said 200 knots.

That’s because it’s a GA aircraft.

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Is this documented anywhere?

Not documented. It’s the same type of speed limit we have for the jets and other aircraft. It’s an air frame limitation that comes with both a visual as well as an audible warning before getting a violation.


This app is ridiculous. Not all of us are professional pilots, would think you would either document it somewhere or give someone a warning the first time. Glad I just bought a monthly subscription…

Sorry to hear you feel that way!

That is exactly what we do though. There’s a 20 second warning that both make sounds and a popup appears in the middle of the screen. Not sure how we can make it anymore obvious :)


20 second warning…well now it all makes sense. My apologies 😂. Smh. From the zoo that is ATC on TS to only 2-3 “real ATC” 🙄 served airports on ES, this app has a LONG LONG way to go to; very disappointing. Frankly, many of the issues aren’t even design issues but operational.

Nothing more needs to be said :)