Violation Expiry

Do violations/landings take 12 months to expire? You have to wait a year to change grade? I have no violations otherwise in previous 7 days.

There will be a certain amount that will expire after 7 days and a certain amount after a year

I believe it’s a rolling count but it only happens every 12 months, like the 90 day landings but instead of 3 months it’s 12 months And after 12 months your violations will drop away from there, but stay on your record, and your landings will drop from there as well, but again stay on your record, if someone can explain it better or correct me feel free to do so👍
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If you got a violation today it would expire after 7 days but still count in twelve months


If you could provide us a screenshot of your Grade Table, then that way we could assist you further, more accurately, Thanks :)

But the general concept of a Violation is that it will last for 7 days. Let’s say you’re Grade 3. You get two violations and drop down to Grade 2, then you’ll be Grade 3 again in 7 days, when they “expire”. But they are still counted on a rolling period of 12 months, in the Violations/Landing Ratio. But that does not mean you have to wait 12 months to get your Grade back up again. By adding more landings to the count will increase the landing ratio and that way you will be able to reach a higher Grade.


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