Violation does not release after 7 days warning has ended

One week has passed since the warning was issued at overspeed on 06/05/12:00Z 2020, but the warning was not canceled and the grade did not return.
The place where the warning was given was USA although I remember only active ATC.

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Check the time of the violation

If it’s been 7 days at the exact time, restart the app and see if that solves it

Hi! As @Z-Tube said try to restart your app . Also reinstalling the app, restarting your device might work too. If it doesn’t work wait for a moderator to help you out. Thanks.

Not sure if this is helpfull i’ll add it just in case
i just spotted another thread verry similar could it be possible this is a new issue

Whats your Infinite Flight callsign and display name?

Give it a few more hours, people, including myself, often make incorrect calculations on the exact time that the violation will remove itself, give it 24 hours. If you were remotely close with that calculation there shouldn’t be an issue then.

Also try closing the app and opening again, and/or logging out and logging back in.

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