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Hey all not sure where to put this. We used to be able to log into the infinite flight website to see our stats. Any one know of a current way to find out their amount of violations ? Unless someone would like to join me online and tell me my stats.


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You have to press on the top right corner of infinite flight then press on the little i in the main stats and then you can see your current amount of violations. If you want to you all time stats spawn in at an airport and press on yourself and then press the last tap.

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You go to the main screen of your IF then the top right there will be your profile then after that next tk your grade there is a button to see your stats

Yes but I’m looking for total violations over my whole IF life. Not the 12 months. Nice stats btw

Do this like I said above.

I’m gonna be on casual server at KNKX doing patterns if someone would like to tell me what my violation amount is.

Ooh I’m not actually sure on that one. To my surprise, you can’t actually see your own total violations in your IF stats, but I’m pretty sure you can by finding yourself on and looking at your stats there

Press the last tap? Don’t understand that part. I tapped on myself at the airport but nothing

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Send me your flight on liveflight

CTHDR sitting at KNKX on casual

Can you send the link to the flight as I cannot find you.

Sorry forgot to change my callsign. Try again. I’m trying to get on live flight app

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Do what I have done in the picture of @Aceorbit’s flight

Thanks! I got it. Appreciate the help !

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You’re welcome mate

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