Violation Complaint exceeding speed below 10,000

I had been upgraded to Grade 3 just yesterday. This evening I was flying a 777 New Zealand. I had set flaps as usual to slow down descending to a level of 2000. My speed was set to 190. Suddenly, several warnings were given and no matter what I did the speed of the plane would not drop below 250. During this time I received 5 one day violations and 6 three day violations for speed and was dropped to a grade 2. I had to crash the plane in order for this to stop. Prior to this I had 1 one day violation and no 3 day violations This occurred in the Singapore and Kuala Lumpur region. Has anyone else had such an experience and what did you do about it.


The only solution is to slow to below 250 kts before descending through 10,000ft.


Follow what @AR_AR said, slow down to 250kts or less before passing 10000ft. I slow down to 230kts before getting to my TOD point.


I did, I started my descent 60 miles out at a rate of 2200 to 2100 VS. The plane had started to slow down as I leveled off at 10,000, with flaps at 5.

If you are over 250 KIAS below 10,000ft, you can get a violation. Simple as that.


Okay, what I am hearing is even if it is a malfunction, I have to accept the consequences and there is no recourse.


Basically yes. I know the 77W is not the easiest plane to slow down, but you shouldn’t be using flaps 5 at 10000 or over 250 knots. Use the spoilers, cut the power and keep your nose level.


FAR 91.117 (a) states: Unless otherwise authorized by the Administrator, no person may operate an aircraft below 10,000 feet MSL at an indicated airspeed of more than 250 knots (288 mph).

If you get a violation for this above 10,000ft or below 250 KIAS, please take a screenshot and post in the support category for help.


There was no malfunction other then pilot error. If your above 250 kts when approaching FL100 you level off to decrease your speed. It’s as simple as that.


You only get the speed violation when over 260kts

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If i see im about to cross 10,000 before slowing below 250 I level off completely or I make my vertical speed around 400fpm so I can lose some airspeed. Don’t drop the flaps. I also use the spoilers sometimes.


I don’t think it’s a malfunction, it’s just an oversight on the pilot’s part.

Just some quick speeds to remember:
240 kts - Max 1*
220 kts - Max 5*
200 kts - Max 15*
190 kts - Max 20*
180 kts - Max 25*
170 kts - Max 30*

Just a rule of thumb it’s a 10 kts step down for each flap setting after 15*. If you’re trying to slow down, you’re better off putting gear down than dumping flaps.

PS: These speeds (only) apply to the B77W
PPS: Please look at the speeds again, the ones I previously provided was incorrect :S


I think if you stay at 255 or a bit higher or lower, it would eventually give you a violation…

Only selected aircraft have gear drag.

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Oops, I didn’t know that. Thanks for letting me know.

Then in that case just put flight spoilers. Armed spoilers only activate on touchdown.


Putting gear down very early for drag is really bad flying even if you are below the max gear extension speed. Speedbrakes and a reduced descent rate are much better options.

Also as noted by others, flap use at 10000ft is way too early.


Wouldn’t the gears get out of place deploying at those altitudes and speeds in real life?

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True, but welcome to Infinite Flight

I’m just kidding :P
But I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want IF to implement the same thing as Rortos did for their F18 simulator: Entirely prohibit you from deploying gear until you slow down (which in my opinion is clever yet dumb .-.)


The issue is more speed than altitude. For example the maximum gear extension speed in a 737-800 is 270 kts. If you extend the gear above this speed damage is a possibility. I don’t know what the equivalent speed is for a 777 but I imagine it won’t be much different.