Violation by atc in flight

Can you get violated when flying in an airspace that comes up as atc during flight ?

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Yes, if you don’t follow instructions given by ATC in any manned airspace, they reserve the right to issue you a violation. If you’re flying in an uncontrolled airspace or airport, there’s no one to give you a violation.

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I thought so. So overnight flights are not a good idea as you could get violated for not communicating with atc in a FIR.

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@Walter_Slingerland When you are at cruise and AFK IFATC will not report you. Request you to be active during the climb and decent phase of your flight.


If you leave your device, like no inputs or anything for I think 2 mins (not sure exactly) but it shows your status as “away” so you with get in any trouble, they’ll let you pass since you’re not at your device. So long hauls overnight etc are no problem even in controlled airspace

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Where does the “away” status appear?

It appears to the ATC if you do not touch your screen for more than 2 minutes.


The away status is also incredibly unreliable and I have even seen cases when flying with a couple people that everyone shows a different status when viewing the same person. That being said, I feel like 1. you’re not likely to put yourself in a position where center is going to need to do something with you since there is so much open space and so few aircraft and 2. center controllers are pretty reasonable - they’re all pilots too, so they know that if you’re not responding at cruise and showing active it’s more likely to be the game being weird than you actively ignoring them.


Thank you very much!

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