Violation Bug

So I recently was flying around the mountains and I crashed near an airport. I crashed when I was landing, by hitting a mountain. A warning popped up saying that I will get a speed vio (after I crashed) and if I don’t slow down, I will get a violation. But I couldn’t slow down since I crashed. Then I eventually got the violation. I got the violation after crashing and when the menu pops up saying crashed or something along those lines. I didn’t make the topic to get the violation removed, but rather to report this so it won’t happen to anyone else in the future.



Ok this kind of activity has Been popping up a lot. Unfortunately the devs did not get everything of the update and there are still bugs to fix. Happy landings - jake

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Yep, I know that, I just made the topic to notify the devs so hopefully this can be fixed in the future.

You should leave the flight immediately if that happens again.

You should just leave the flight immediately, so that you don’t get the violation. Hopefully the developers patch this bug soon.

Happy Flying!

@VAnuj - could you perhaps upload the replay file so we can have a look at what happened? Perhaps use this?

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Yeah, of course!

I did it, should I post the link here?

Sure! Or DM me if you don’t want to show everyone ;) It’s up to you.

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The reason I didn’t as because I was curious to see what would happen. I guess if getting a violation satisfies my curiosity, then so be it haha.

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Okay, I don’t want to sound condescending or rude or anything here. But you slammed into the ridge at VNLK going -2000 V/S. Somone need to practice on his landings :)

The reason you got a taxi violations for this, is because you basically buried the aft of your aircraft in to the ground but the aircraft didn’t quite slow down (as we don’t have crash physics in the app), were within the airport boundaries but not on a runway.


Ah, alrighty. Yeah I gotta admit that landing was pretty horrible, don’t know what I was thinking. Thank you!