Violation because my glitched

Hey there ,
I was helping someone being ATC we called together but than my WiFi bugged and I crossed runways and got over the 35kts limit when i came back I immediately got a violation, I was in training server to train a friend of me , I’m a grade 5 pilot . Quite sad this happened I know the rules so is there a chance it can get removed as if wasn’t my fault.
Display name : IFGA24-jairo-IFEDITS
callsign: IFEDITS

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If you wish to appeal it, please send a message to @appeals and be prepared to share your replay.


What is An eppeal? Sorry I’m not English 😅

If you want it to be reversed (or removed). An appeal is basically a request for that to happen.

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Do I have to send him a message? Or just tag him in the topic ?

Hold on one second please, let me help you get started.

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Okey thanks a lot

PM @ appeals (send them a message) explaining what happened, when, where, etc. Provide a lot of details. You’ll be asked to share you replay which you can do through this website. They will take all of that into account ask further followup questions if necessary. If they come to the conclusion that your violation cam from a bug or a glitch, it may be reversed.

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I would like to point out that @jnbossies it is your responsibility to make sure you have a secure connection. This violation may get removed but I wouldn’t be surprised if it isn’t.

Sorry to sound harsh but its the truth…what speed were you going at before your WiFi glitched.

I have no idea what speed My connection had . It’s indeed my own responsibility, I’m currently not at home and the person who gave me the WiFi told me it’s 100% good WiFi.

You misunderstand me - how fast in kts were you going on the ground before your Wifi glitched.

Everyone hush. He has a PM with appeals, no need to investigate. End of story, move along, adios.


I was going 35 kts I slowed down made a turn to the right than I was like 20-30kts and than I randomly teleport it to otherside of the airport and came back on 20-30kts and got a violation
I know it’s not smart to go over 20 kts but I wanted to go quick to the runway depart and land . But the violation system is there to violate you when your over 35 kts wich I wasn’t

Well then unfortunately you were at fault for that.

Will continue via PM