Violation Be sure you have ended session

Just sharing advice, This is the first time I have received this many violation s and the first time I have been ghosted. I thought I had ended the session when the warnings first appeared, and was very surprised to see the result. My feelings are hurt and I will get over but I want others to learn from my experience. If a warning appears make sure you have ended the session!!


Instead of quitting your flight straight away, you can always try and recover. If you cut the throttle on climb you will see a drastic speed reduction. If you do that straight away when you receive the warning you should have your speed under control before the first violation occurs. Hopefully that will help and enable you to not quit straight away :)


Aye, to add to that Iā€™m always speeding in the TBM I just drop the wheels and it slows you down really quickly.


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