Violation appeals button

Sometimes I think the AI isn’t working properly.
So can we add like a appeal for violations? Because sometimes its not the person at fault for getting those violations. Its a pain to get them down! And many people do make mistakes.

Maybe this is a stupid idea but who knows?

Many may disagree but again this is a option.

Violations are system generated and after a few days your grade is back to where it was as long as you didn’t get any more.

There are not a lot of violations and many are very black and white as rules go. If you have an example of a violation given due to a glitch (falling through the earth, etc) share the replay with a moderator and they will take a look.

“My plane didnt slow down fast enough” or “I wasn’t at my device and got violations” are not valid reasons for review.


There’s nothing wrong with the violation system. It’s your fault for putting yourself in the position where you could get a violation in the first place. “Oh, I wasn’t near my phone and I don’t deserve these violations because they’re not my fault.” It actually is your fault, you weren’t watching your phone. You are responsible for everything that happens during your flight.


It’s just an option gee…

It’s an option that many people would abuse because they don’t want to own up to their mistakes.


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