Violation Appeal to access Expert server

Dear @moderators of infinite flight,

I would like that one of my level 2/3 violations gets removed. Just one. They were all stupid mistakes and I apologise and regret them. I would really like to fly on the expert server again so that is the reason why I ask this.

Kind regards,

Hi, Zeb!

Unfortunately, without a valid reason (i.e., unjustly reported, connection issues, etc.), the likelihood of a Level 2 or 3 violation being reversed is not high. However, if you would like to attempt to do so, you can send a message to @appeals. Be sure to provide your replay to expedite the process.


Thank you very much, and I will send it.

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By the way, how can I insert replay files? It says it only allows png’s jpg’s JPEG’s gif’s and fpl. But that means it would be an IMAGE. is probably the best way to share replays in Infinite Flight. Make sure to check that out!

Here’s a great tutorial in case you need it:

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It should also be mentioned that the appeals team will only take into consideration violations that were issued up to 1 week ago. With their current protocol, the chances might be even lower than before. Nonetheless it might still be worth a shot.


If you’re an iOS user, I’m positive you can save the fpl to the files app. It also works for android device because Google also developed a file management apps where you can save different files to a file management app

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