Violation appeal @appeals

Hello there.

I would like to appeal a level 3 violation please.

While was on approach, I was instructed to follow instruction or You will be reported and within 3 seconds I was given level 3 violation before I could respond “I am sorry” and ask for go around and attempt approach again.

I wasn’t even given a chance to respond, the time between follow instructions and violation is 3 seconds, and my reply “I am sorry” is 4th second to try the approach again.

I am usually very careful so I can follow instruction, I would like to appeal this violation as I wasn’t given a chance to respond.

Thank you

Hey there!

You can PM @appeals with your request.

Your violation will also have your controller’s name on it, so I would suggest sending them a PM first.

For more information about how to find and contact your controller, please refer to the topic below:

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