Violation and now i can’t play on expert server

Operating system: ios15

My little brother was playing on my account without me knowing it. And he had received a violation. Now i can’t play on expert server anymore. The reason why i didn’t know he was playing is because we have the same icloud so all data and apps are the same and used at the same time. my question is what can we do now?

Unfortunately, it’s highly likely you’ll simply have to wait a week for the violation to wear off.

You can always try contacting @appeals , but considering the cause of the violation was your brother and not anything in app, it’s unlikely it’ll be reversed.

You can always add a password using Screen Time under iOS settings to prevent him using the app, or alternatively sign them in with their own account.


In addition to what @Kirito_77 has mentioned above, I highly suggest that you use this link to contact the appeals team. Fill out all the necessary details, and follow all the instructions that they give you, and the best thing to do from there is to wait for a verdict.

However, given that you are ultimately responsible for your own account, it’s possible that your appeal may be rejected, although it’s always worth a shot when it comes to appealing a report.


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