Violation and Ghost errors.


During a flight in the Hawaii region, I was flying a Dash at 25k feet when I begin getting an over speed alarm. I was flying 215 kts IAS. There was no red hash marks on my speed indicator shock leaves me to believe that this is an error. I attempted to reduce my speed to 210, 200, even reduced to idle and the alarm kept going.

The worst part of it all, I received 6 violations. None ever displayed on my screen at all. I’ve been reduced to level one for the duration specified for 6 violations at no fault of my own.

Please look into this. I can provide a video for proof.

Provide phone specs and version of infinite flight your running. Just telling cus it will be asked

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Have you received any violations in the last 7 days before this incident happened?

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Thanks for contacting support. Give me a moment to reproduce the issue and investigate. :)


No violations in the last 7 days.

I’m using a galaxy s6 edge.

After reviewing the video, there was no sound recorded. None at all.

Thanks for the information. I’m looking at your video, but don’t see any sort of “error”, warning, or violation indication.

According to the logs, you received 6 violations beginning at :15 and your last one being at :17. This video begins at :18. Is there something I should be seeing in the video that I’m missing? I was unable to reproduce this issue at FL250 as well. Thank you!


The only thing that displayed in the screen was the ghosting notification. And immediately after I begin recording… But there is no sound so it’s hard to prove I was getting the over speed indication when I was flying at a pretty normal rate of speed.

Thanks for the timely reply.

I have removed the violations. Please ensure you’re paying close attention in case it was user error, as I was unable to reproduce the issue. We’ll certainly keep an eye out on it and pursue a fix if this is in fact a trending problem.

Close, then relaunch the app and you’ll be back to your original grade. Good day! :)