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I apologise if this comes out harsh but I’m pissed off. I was flying in the Carribean in a BTM-930 at 8000ft when I realised that the airport was very close so I did (probably a silly thing) and pulled the throttle to idle, flaps for landing, put the landing gear down, engine off and pitched down. I was doing about 190kts and it was decreasing so I did a little dive. When I got close to the ground/ILS path I forgot that my engine was off so I turned it on but I knew that it would start in time so I prepared for an emergency landing but failed since I didn’t have to the speed to flare without stalling. I soon crashed but the thing that really pissed me off was that I received 2 aerobatics violations. I can understand if I did and it warning me so I could stop and just do turning descends but it NEVER actually warned me during the approach. Has anyone ever been in a situation where IF doesn’t warn you about the violations but gives it to you anyway?

What was your callsign and display name?

So is your issue the violations or the lack of warning?

If it’s the violations it’s unfortunately your fault. You dived when you could easily of joined the pattern.

On the lack of warning that’ll need looking into possibly.

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Infinite Flight 1

It was part of a tour to land in every country in the world on expert but I’ve now lost my grade 4 and 3 so I have to do it on training for now.

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Well, you can still land anywhere you want.

But, why did you need a warning to say that that isn’t how you approach a runway?

If you come back to late or whatever, go around. There are thresholds in the code for aerobatics. You met them. It happens. It’s not like speed violations, where it can give you a warning based on time, because it’s a continuous state until fixed, whereas aerobatics are thresholds crossed in instants, not continuous states (I.e. extreme bank angles are short in duration). An F-22 doing aerobatics over a runway isn’t going to be in that state for 20-60-180 seconds; it’s going to be making quick, instantaneous turns. The warning system can’t necessarily work the same.

Either way, you don’t need warnings to know that isn’t how to slow a plane down and descend properly, so why shouldn’t your grade be temporarily deflated? It’ll go back up.


When there is not enough distance to descend the best practice is to use a holding pattern 360 to get to the right altitude and distance to the airport.


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