Violation advise 😪

I’m looking for some advice. I was just trying to complete a flight and after releasing the auto pilot I couldn’t for the life of me get the plane to level out. Full on “seconds from disaster” moment trying to save her 😂 😭 , tried to calibrate the screen but no joy… anyway the systems assumed i was trying out for the plane olympics and gave me a aerobatic violation…

Is it worth attempting to appeal it or is it a “suck it up” situation? Tia

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Sounds like you didn’t calibrate your device before you disengaged the autopilot…

I would just suck up the violatios…its just 1 (and it very likely wasn’t caused by an app glitch so it wouldn’t be reversed in that case)


Thanks for the reply :) i was thinking it may have been that I didn’t calibrate, which is out of the norm for me as I’ve been flying for some time now. But im also not experienced with the CRJ, normally fly the wides. It is what is is i guess, i was just like, so close to getting to grade five and them damn! Lol


Don’t worry about the grade - once you get to Grade 3 it doesn’t matter - at the moment I’m hovering just below the Grade 4 mark (occasionally reaching it but then dropping below it again a few days later) because of university work but I don’t care.

It’s 1 violation…it’ll go away from your grade table stats in 7 days as well…

Have a great rest of your day!

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I appreciate the advice buddy! Same to you :)

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How high were you and what aircraft?

You can redeem your self by picking an F/A-22 raptor and pretending to do the same maneuvering technique then ATC will be like awwww it’s the same pilot again with the right Aircraft for the right task this time. I think I might just undo the violation for them but they are not equipped with auto landing so use the auto pilot to slow down engage your landing gear and deploy spoilers fully Armed then you can disengage the auto pilot without a wind gust hiccup that can show you down up and up down….just spitting balls out there Tia. Have fun.


That’s heart attack funny! Lmao

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I’d have to check back but id say a little under 2000ft but once the party started i may have gone back up to around 5000. It was all really close to EHAM so I understand the the vio. Was flying the CRJ-700.

High wing from the fuselage engines propellers driven and the whole design is for carrying lots of luggage and maintaining the CG or center of gravity with in tolerance. You picked the right plane but you didn’t increase the weight with fuel and enough passengers to level out because maximum landing weight is way lower the maximum takeoff weight……cheers advice from a FAA certified aviation maintenance professional technician.

You defiantly should check your weight and balance and make sure its within the optimal range for the CRJ. If its altered its possible the CG is too far back similar to what @Amalikyte1 said. Were you utilzing trim at all?

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