Violation 2

Hello support.

I would like this post to be visible to everyone please.

Just received a level 2 violation from controller @ Gatwick airport for no reason whatsoever.

Instruction to line up and wait on 26L, followed straight away, waited and waited… an approach flight add to go around because controller did not respond a request to land, then an instruction of cancel take off clearance to myself and I was invited to continue straight ahead and turn right on next taxi way and contact ground.
Followed the instruction, however even before I reach the next exit I was done with a violation 2.

Gents I paid quite a substantial amount of money to be here and play, therefore, the minimum expected is respect.

I would like my violation to be removed straight away please and request to issue a violation to the controller for using excess of power to interrupt my flight, once there is no option on the game itself in which it was a topic I’ve raised in the past.

Many thanks
Nuno Goncalves

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Can you go to your logbook to see who the controller is?

I got the info and contact appeals already
Thank you

Please contact appeals if you are yet to do so. Thanks!