Violated for no reason

I got violated for late vacation of runway because of landing traffic behind me, but there was around 20-24kt headwind while landing due to which it was hard to control.
Due to violation i went from grade 3 to grade 2
Happened 57 mins ago at cyvr rwy 8l expert server
My callsign was westjet 96

#support #appeal #support

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Hey there, please check your logbook to see who reported you and PM them from there, thanks!

If you think it was wrongly issued and feel it should be removed, contact @appeals.


check your logbook and click on the (i), you’ll find the Controllers name there. Then contact him in a PM and add @appeals to it if needed


If the controller name is TheAviationGallery, free to PM me, I believe I was your controller.


User has sent the controller a PM.