Vio/Ldg ratio

Hello ifc- for all the math(s) wizzes out there, can someone tell me how to calculate how many more landings I need to be grade 5? Grade 5 requires a 0.5 but I have a 0.7. My additional stats are listed below:

(PS all my other stats match grade 5)
1497 Landings
265 total violations

As the ratio is based on your past 12 months of activity, your total amount of violations is irrelevant :)

Post a screenshot from your grade table and someone will be able to help you.


You’ll need approximately 141 more landings assuming your violations stay constant.


Better get to work then lol


24 / 0.05 = 480

  • Take the number of violations
  • Apply some math
    • Grade 3 (0.5 ratio) Violations x 2 = Number of required landings
    • Grade 4 (0.25 ratio) Violations x 4 = Number of required landings
    • Grade 5 (0.05 ration) Violations x 20 = Number of required landings

Same as @Tim_B said but different math :)

For Grade 5 you need…

  • 24 x 20 = 480
  • 480 needed - 339 landings = 141 landings (without getting new violations)

I already have a certain amount of landings

I’m not entirely certain what that means, but if you’re referring to already having the number, yes, that’s one thing, but that’s going to change over time since it a rolling time period.

We are trying to show you how to figure it out for any set of numbers, not just one specific set.

Also illustrate that in order to maintain grade five, every violation necessitates 20 more landings.

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