Vio/landing ratio threshold

This is my grade table. I hit 750 landings last night so by the old standards I would be grade 5, but I noticed a new section called vios/landings.

So I was just wondering since the limit is 0.05 and that is what I have (0.053 actually but it rounds), so in order to get grade 5 does it have to be 0.05 exact or less?

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Yes it has to be .05 or less exactly. You need 801 landings to be grade 5.

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Thanks. Just asked because it looked a little strange to me.

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I feel so bad for him. He probably worked hard to get those 750 landings to be Grade 5 only to find out they changed the grade system and his violation count is preventing him from being Grade 5. He now has to perform 51 more landings.

I feel bad for you @AndrewWu mate


How do you calculate the math for the ratio to find out how many more landings you need to do.
(Can I get a equation template or something of the sort?)

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Violations/Landings = Ratio

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Nah i haven’t been trying just flying a lot. Just thought it was interesting.

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