Vintage Aircraft + others - @ KBJC - May 14, 2020

Hey guys! On Thursday, I traveled to BJC to spot the Colorado Vintage aircraft flyover’s arrival. I caught their arrival and much more! Enjoy the photos! If some of you can identify the planes or the registrations, that would help :)

Photo 1: Here’s a Metroliner (N3532Q) just hanging out, on the Legacy Aviation ramp.

Photo 2: Here’s a vintage plane taxiing in.

Photo 3:Here’s some of the planes heading back for the runway.

Photos 4&5: Here’s a really low and cool flyover by some smaller planes

Photo 6: Here’s a PA-28 (N2200Y) sitting on the ramp.

Photo 7: Here’s a Cessna 560 Citation V (N900SM) sitting on the ramp.
Photo 8: Here’s another old plane landing on 12L.
Photo 9: A Fuji LM-1 (N2109Z) vacates 12L.
Photo 10: Here’s another vintage, passing by the modern control tower.

Thanks for taking a look at this! Sorry I don’t know vintage aircraft all too well. Comment down below which picture was your favorite :)

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Thanks for viewing and have a great morning/afternoon/evening/night :)


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Nice photos! I wasn’t able to see them over my neck of the woods, but it’s cool to see some of the planes from the flyover.

you might want to clean your camera sensor btw :)

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yes I know this needs to be cleaned :)

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Lots of great and old shots!

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Thank you! It was nice to go :)

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I’m loving that Beech 18 and the T-6’s, along with the others, great photos!

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