Vincent_C’s Radar Tracking Thread - [Closed] N/A

Hello there! I have just began radar training and would love for you to fly at my airspace and give some feedback!

Im starting to work on ILS approaches and it would be great if you could fly around for a bit and do some patterns.

Please let me know of any terrain separation busts or busts with other aircraft. Less than 1,000 ft AGL with terrain and loss of 1,000ft vertical separation or 3nm lateral separation.

Airport: N/A
Runways in use: N/A
Approaches: GPS, ILS and visual
Server: Training

Thanks for coming by, it means a lot!

This thread has been approved by my trainer @Kitick


Are you on right now?

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Unfortunately not. I will tommrow though. Would you like me to ping you when I open?

That will be great I have a 5:30 AM flight tomorrow could you join that?

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ATC will be great

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I live in the eastern timezone. I need my beauty sleep lol and that also depends on what airport you’re flying from.

I am central time meeting around 2 AM your time so you do not have to join I will be departing LAX though

If you are not busy, right now, I am going to be doing some pattern work at Honolulu main airport if you want to give me a ATC I will be on training server my call sign is N8VC

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I’ll do that actually, you know i’m radar though right? As much as I would love to serve tower my priority is radar currently

What is radar is the only

Ground? ( 10 characters.)

Radar is approach. I cant staff ground and tower because it’s not allowed in order to provide best service.

OK so I can do traffic patterns and you can prove find me with ATC then

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I’ll do it for 20 mins or so.

OK I’m hopping on now

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What is this for?

This just lets you know to be aware of the rules on the training server.

Oh, OK I will is mine and now I need to go take out the trash first be back

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Could you tag me next time please.

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sure! I’m open right now so…

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