Vilnius Fly-In/Out: Soar through the Skies of Lithuania || 29JUN23 1700Z @EYVI

Current weather in Vilnius:
Storming without rain, sometimes sunny and sometimes its raining.
Visibility 10km>
Wind 270@10KT
Runway 19 for departures

anyone flying out to vienna?

And the event is starting, so good to see many poeple already at the gates

I am waiting for everyone to line up

Thank you guys for the event! Hope you enjoyed it!


Was great! A little frustrating though: I was last in line for departure and no one was doing LUAWs and waiting a really long time between departures.

We were all waiting for 5-7NM separation between departures 😉

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Why— I thought you only had to wait for the previous aircraft to be past the threshold on the opposite side of the runway?

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