VILH (Leh airport in Himalya)

Have u ever wanted to fly through beautiful mountain this airport is for you this is one of the most beautiful airport in india it is surrounded by mountains only A319 20 and 737 and military aircrafts are allowed to land it serves as military base plus a commercial airport flights from Delhi, Chandigarh and Mumbai lands here so when are u planning to fly in to VILH
Airlines that operate there
AirIndia (u can also join AirIndia virtual) A319
Spicejet (available in if ) 739
Go air (not in infinite flight) A320
So plan ur flight now to Leh

Image credi Alamy stock

G’day mate, I’m not sure on the purpose of this topic, if it’s or planning a flight in IF or IRL. Also please give credit to the rightful owner of the image.

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I mean you could recommend it as a Routes of 2019 airport

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I am new to community so don’t know hot edit so i will give credit from next time sorry

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suggest airport/routes here

Actually yeah but i am awaiting the people about this beautiful airport which most people don’t know

Credits are clearly in the pic tho. Just a stock image provider…

Looks good tho, will visit it in IF someday!


The airport is still a generic rendering and needs to be updated. I’ve been wanting to work on it but lack good imagery. Hopefully I can push out the updated version before the end of this year.


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