Vignesh_S’s Radar ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

My old thread is uneditable anymore, so here is a new one
Training to become an IFATC Radar controller
(Training server)
Feel free to come and fly a bit and feedback highly appreciated!
Request either ILS, Visual, Radar Vectors or GPS, File a STAR if you wish Thanks :)


OPEN at KGJT! …Training Server… ILS, Visual, Radar Vectors or GPS, with or without STAR please… Thanks
Runways in use : 11 and 22
@RoBroStar @Mukundan_Srivatsa @Americanboi @N2628P @PilotPeanutButter @alberto_lopez @Henry and all others!
(Let me know of terrain/lateral sep busts)!
Need to work on terrain… having issues with that
-my Radar Practical is TONIGHT!


Coming in!

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Ill stop by!

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Actually, I got kne of my own radar sessions at the moment, tag me when yiur next acailable 😂

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Sure thing!

Was 8000 too high? @Mukundan_Srivatsa and were you clear of terrain 1000AGL or above seperation?
Just wondering

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No, I think any lower and it would have been a bit too close to the Mountain, but I was unable to land, although I think my speed was too high and that was my fault.

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Ok thanks for letting me know

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Oh I forgot, you need a flight plan whenever you request GPS @Mukundan_Srivatsa

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Yes I know, my fault, I just wanted to do something other than vis

No problem… ill just assume u have one

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Turns to final were a little late, would have missed the LOC if I was on an ILS app

Other than that, great controlling, and good luck on your practical!

CLOSED now… thanks all for coming! (My bad all, I didnt realize visibilty would be so bad today)

Sorry had to go Nico! Was wondering what happened on the visual… were you too high or was visibility an issue? any busts? Thanks!

Might have been because I was on final for an intersecting runway

CC-NPR feedback:

  • Perfect ILS approach, good altitude and intercepting angle.
  • About the visual approach:
    • Remember you should check the airport weather conditions. This airport has a thick fog, so you should have upgraded the service to an instrumental approach.
    • Downwind altitude was a bit low, I was constantly at 1,200 AGL.
    • Regardless of the fog, it wasn’t my intention to not RAIS. I couldn’t see the runway because of the mountains, so I believe a bit higher altitude (+500ft) would have worked better.
    • The heading 200º, should have been higher in order to get closer to the runway and be able to RAIS.

Other than that, great session.

Best of luck in your practical! Lmk how did it go ;)

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Thanks alot!

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