Vignesh_S’s Radar ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Training to become an IFATC Radar controller
(Training server)
Feel free to come and fly a bit and feedback highly appreciated!
Request either ILS, Visual, Radar Vectors or GPS, Thanks :)


I may open later!

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OPEN KAPA… runways in use 35R

Still open? I think I kinda owe you one for showing up to all my ATC practice sessions…

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Yup… says OPEN!

Just making sure, I’ll be right there

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Thank you!

Use 35 actually @N2628P

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TS1 or V2?

Edit: just saw it is TS1, sorry

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Yup TS1 so non-IFATC members can attend as well :)

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I will come for inbound, any STARs or vectors?

No STARS… but ILS, RV or Visual is fine

OK, awesome!

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Hey i suggest you read the airport winds. I was landing in a tail wind

Yea… I was gonna use 17s instead of 35… but the ILS was only letting me use 35… idk why… srry about that

Hey, the trainee need ILS approach training so he needs to use 35s


All good man! I was VH-CAM.

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Bit of feedback (as a pilot, not as a controller).
Only two things really.

  1. It’d be nice as the pilot to receive those final vectors a little sooner so we don’t have to hit a 30 degree bank in order to intercept properly.

  2. Maybe try choosing an airport that doesn’t has 20 kts of tailwind all the way down to the numbers.

Aside from those two things, nothing much to complain about.
Great work!

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I just came in

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Thanks for the feedback and coming

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