Vignesh_S’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A [PRACTICAL PASSED] THANKS ALL!

Training to become an IFATC controller
(Training server)
Feel free to come and fly patterns and feedback highly appreciated!

Hi There,
I was N428OP in the F14 flying a couple patterns. A few feedback points:

  • Your timing for clearances was very good, you were proactive and didn’t wait to send them.
  • You handled the runway change very well providing appropriate instructions and clearances.
  • When you cleared me for my first pattern, after initial takeoff, you told me to make right traffic. This was not necessary as I was cleared to takeoff with right traffic. You only need to provide pattern direction on takeoff or pattern entry instructions. Aircraft remaining in the pattern are expected to fly the direction originally given until it is changed.
  • When I was taxiing to the runway, I requested a frequency change. You should send a “you were already instructed to change frequency” instruction instead of the frequency change approved, as you had already given the frequency change in the taxi instruction.
  • You have me right traffic initially. In the downwind/base transition area, there is a large mountain that rises to 1300 AAL. This would create clearance problems for aircraft in the pattern. Check out the airport when you open to ensure the patterns are free of any conflicts before you clear for patterns. If an aircraft needs to make a tight pattern or short final to avoid a conflict, it may not be appropriate for pattern work.
  • I wasn’t given a runway exit instruction when I stopped. Don’t forget to send those when aircraft slow to 60 knots.

You have the basics down, just keep working on some of the finer points and you’ll be all set. Good luck on your IFATC journey.


Thanks for coming and thanks for the feedback!

Point 3 was a good learning lesson for me. I did not know you don’t have to say “make right or left traffic” even after clearing for takeoff, make right or left traffic. Thanks for telling me that.

The last point- I said cleared for the option, and you acknowledged that, so I thought you were still continuing patterns, so I had not paid attention to you as much. I guess if you said full stop, I would’ve known better to give you the exit command.

Again, thank you very much for coming and for this feedback

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CLOSED for now

Hey! Sorry I wasn’t able to stop by. Have you had an old tracking thread of more than 60 days old? Because then you can’t edit it anymore, simply ask it to be closed. Hope to see you in IFATC soon!

Stay healthy and good luck;)

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No problem. Yes the old one is closed now.
Thank you and stay healthy as well!

OPEN at Birmingham now

Ok I’m here :)

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CLOSED for now. Thanks to all who came. Feedback appreciated!

OPEN at Brisbane!
Runways in use: 01 Landings/Takeoffs

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CLOSED. Thanks to the one who came!


OPEN at LaGuardia!
Runways in use: 13/22


OPEN Birmingham T/L: Runway 15


OPEN at Randolph

Anyone possible to come? Trying to practice as much as I can.

OPEN at Panama!

OPEN Abu Dhabi