views movement with Thrusmaster Joystick

I’m using IF in Android and have a new thrusmaster joystick. Everything works as expected exept views side of things. I use the buttons at the top of the joystick and it works but also when I use pitch or roll with the proper joystick the views also move so it makes impossible to fly. So if I pull my Joystick towards me the view in the cockpit goes doen to the pedals and same to any other movement. I;m doing something wrong?


Set it up using the controls for infinite flight

Thanks for the info but that’s what I’m trying, is there a guide I can look at? I’m not saying there is an issue, I just don’t know what I’m doing wrong

Message @Jan as he had a great setup picture for his thrustmaster

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I think you need to switch to the hud that doesn’t move.

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