Views From the Ramp

Location: West Michigan Regional | KBIV | Gulfstream G6

Similar to “Views From the Plane Window,” from pilots and passengers.

For the Line Service Techs and the Rampers, post the cool shots that you’ve grabbed while you’ve been working in the profession.

Let’s see some cool pictures from the ramp from anyone workers or passengers on the ramp!


here’s me 2 years ago after my family took a c172 up to Prescott Love Field and back


Here is a photo of me in my flight schools plane, I also got some lessons coming up pretty soon, so I will post a lot more photos on this thread for sure! 🤙


Idk If this counts

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What airport are your lessons at?

Don’t know if these count but I was only like 200 ft away

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1940s refurbished Stinson


This was when I flew on allegiant for the first time KVPS-KEWR

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The idea of a “Ramper’s Pictures” thread is cool… but this is quickly becoming Any and All Airplane Pictures. We can’t moderate that effectively, and it’s probably more meaningful for the rampers and other aviation professionals to post their pictures and experiences directly to #real-world-aviation.