Views from the plane window


pictures from my trip to Jacksonville in first class.


Cloud surfing inbound Karlstad


Off to Los Angeles


Here’s a few of my favorite from 2018




Where was the EVA Air pic taken at? JFK? IAH? ORD?


oh dang son he survived the landing😂


Seattle teacoma


Downwind @RPVI
Iloilo, Philippines




finess lol


Take off from Chicago Midway. Landing in Seattle!


Here’s a few from my travels over the past six months…

Sunset flying into Heathrow from Inverness with BA, flying into London City with KLM over the Shard and London Bridge railway station and then mid-flight over India (I think) on the way to Delhi, again with BA.


–> Zurich


too and from Hawaii, Honolulu


On final for runway 28R in San Francisco,with a United 737 landing on 28R.

And taxiing past the heavies at the United Terminal.




Water salute for last flight of B737-400 on 2 Sep 18

360 above VTSM for last flight of this route in B737-400

Hugeeeee wing of B747-400 which is still operating


These r from yesterday afternoon when I was in Tampa to KCLT but these were at Tampa