Views from the plane window


Delta 2295 (B737-800) sitting in SLC after a snowstorm blew through the area and covered the wings in at least 2 inches of snow! There were even small icicles forming at the bottom of the wing.


I love that 757 tail with the snow!


You should’ve seen all the other planes dusted with snow, as someone who lives in a warm area, it was quite a sight to see! If I recall correctly I also spotted a 767 in the sea of Delta’s.


Cool! I love their 767’s.


Lining up on 10R at FLL for a subsequent immediate takeoff…


Turning final for runway 10 at POS…

Edit: I love all of these pictures guys! Really proves that the window seat really is the best 😉


You see? This is why we need taxiway bumps. 😉👏
Great shot btw @metro!


Agreed 😂 Thanks @JT_Playz!


No problem mate! 😉


I fly United a lot so here are some pictures…

I also fly Air Canada quite a bit so here are some pictures from their 789s

Lastly, I have a couple of pictures from my trip to Budapest on Ryanair


Kinda forgot I have these too 😂



These aren’t the greatest photos, but I finally got to fly a Southwest 737 MAX8. Route was PBI-BWI. (The blueish tint in the pictures is the glare from the blue cabin lighting, couldn’t get it out of the photo.)


Delta A350
Somewhere over the arctic (probably Canada or Alaska). Icebergs, seemingly. No polar bears, sadly. At closer glance, the Earth’s curvature is barely visible.


KTPA-KORD on UA2191.


N422WN, Southwest KSAT-KBWI 41,000ft


And old shot from April last year, DL B752 from KBWI-KATL


Hehe guess what


KORD - EPWA speaks for itself
(Greenland and Chicago)
(LOT Polish Airlines, Boeing 787-9)


Landing at Hamad International Airport (OTHH), Doha, from Nairobi onboard a Qatar Airways A320