Views from the plane window



Forgot to mention that these photos I took were from my flight from Luis Muñoz Marín to Chicago Midway back in July.


My Picture was on July 2018 …

Traveling from Kuwait OKBK to Washington KIAD Via Frankfurt on Lufthansa…

Picture on B747-400 Lufthansa from Frankfurt to Washington with Atlantic Ocean


A couple weeks ago I was flying home into SFO and because of all the fires in Northern California, the Bay Area had awful air quality. Wanted to share some pictures I snapped on descent and final! (Aircraft was an E170!)



2 pics from my 2 trips with the 737-600 or Air Algérie.


This is not a cloud layer…it was the smoke from the NorCal fires a few weeks ago. Taken on 11/18 in a Piper Arrow.


-61 degrees at FL380 produced some amazing art work


Some pictures of today’s flight to Macau.

I found an Austrian B767 in Taoyuan International Airport, and Austrian does not fly to Taipei.


Delta 737-900 down to KTPA from KMSP

Sorry for verticle :/


Dug up a few I hadn’t posted yet


The double rainbow over Pearl Harbor was amazing!


The sun setting. Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-900 (No this isn’t Infinite Flight):