Views from the plane window



Forgot to mention that these photos I took were from my flight from Luis Muñoz Marín to Chicago Midway back in July.


My Picture was on July 2018 …

Traveling from Kuwait OKBK to Washington KIAD Via Frankfurt on Lufthansa…

Picture on B747-400 Lufthansa from Frankfurt to Washington with Atlantic Ocean


A couple weeks ago I was flying home into SFO and because of all the fires in Northern California, the Bay Area had awful air quality. Wanted to share some pictures I snapped on descent and final! (Aircraft was an E170!)



2 pics from my 2 trips with the 737-600 or Air Algérie.


This is not a cloud layer…it was the smoke from the NorCal fires a few weeks ago. Taken on 11/18 in a Piper Arrow.


-61 degrees at FL380 produced some amazing art work


Some pictures of today’s flight to Macau.

I found an Austrian B767 in Taoyuan International Airport, and Austrian does not fly to Taipei.


Delta 737-900 down to KTPA from KMSP

Sorry for verticle :/


Dug up a few I hadn’t posted yet


The double rainbow over Pearl Harbor was amazing!


The sun setting. Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-900 (No this isn’t Infinite Flight):


Sunrise while descending in a B777-300ER on the flight of BR6 on December 9th 2018 from Taipei to Los Angeles.
Registration: B-16715 (Star Alliance special livery)
The pilot pulled up and did a go around when the aircraft touched down because there was another plane on the runway.


Earlier today!!


Since we recently got split scimitars on IF, here are some on the beautiful SWA 737-800. The route was SDF-MCO.


The best view is over the Atlantic or over mount Fiji is what I recommend


Here are my pictures from the American E175 headed to San Francisco from Los Angeles. (N210NN)


Swiss CS Series on my way to Zürich


Not the best image, but a 747-8i wing view from the upper deck.


I have never been on one. Does a Boeing 757-200/300 count? Because in February I’m going to Honolulu


Transcontinental flight from LAX to MCO in a United B737-9MAX: