Views from the plane window


These pictures were from my flight home on Piedmont’s embraer erj 145 to TRI. I remembered that these sunset views were fantastic 😍. The only time I ever said changing my flight was the best decision I could ever make 🙌


That looks pretty nice


Got a few window shots when coming into Queenstown a few weeks ago :)


Definitely not the greatest quality but here’s a photo on board HiFly A340 (9H-FOX) that was replacing Air New Zealand 787s


Expressway Visual into LGA :) (with a lady Liberty cameo)


does a helicopter view count? The second pic was taken today actually!


WhAt ArE yOu DoInG tHeRe? I cOuLdvE sPoTtEd YoU!


Kangaroo and the clouds


Found some new ones and old ones on my phone. Enjoy 👌🏻


images 12 and the last one are the same


This one I found that’s about 2 years old today is pretty cool. I took it while I was leaving Las Vegas on Allegiant Air.


Deleted it, thanks


Amazing takeoff from KLGA (LaGuardia Airport).

Lower Manhattan can be seen near the top right corner.


Taxiing to RWY31 at RPLL. Taken last 23rd of November.


Man gonna miss those avros. I flew on them twice and it was so comfortable and cool being in a British made plane with windows that could slide down or up at the same time!


Qatar A320 at HKJK (Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta International)


Flying the Dash 8-q300 from my hometown Kristiansand(ENCN), heading to Bergen (ENBR). Flying over the western part of Norway, and if you look closely, you can see some of the fjords down there.



That’s beautiful! What plane is that?! (ERJ-145?)


No, I haven’t flown those in years. It’s a Cessna Citation at FL420