Views from the plane window


Some really good and interesting images! Keep it up😉


All photos are real, and taken by me.


The Mont-Blanc (Europes highest mountain) from an Air Mautitius A350…



ABQ-MDW on a Southwest 737-700.


Seoul Incheon - Fukuoka, Asiana A350


I want the aileros and elevators to be more sensitive like in that vid lol
That was a hard one;)


Sorry about the SAS tag, it was from my insta story a while ago. (Unintentionaly chose that version of the photo)

Aircraft details:
Pic 1) SAS 737-800C
Pic 2) KLM E195
Pic 3) KLM E195

Some of my favorite (All photos are mine and real)


Is that dirt on the TUI 767’s wings?


So long ago I can’t remember… Probably.


United E175 to Washington DC from my GoPro


This was on the way from GCLA to EHAM with Transavia on a cruising altitude of 40.000 feet!


And this was on my way from Dubai to Paris with an Emirates 777.


Flying out of Burbank last December during the devastating fires in Ventura. These are looking west from our SW 737 just after takeoff. During the takeoff, we could smell the smoke from the fires.


That’s pretty crazy. Must have been a strong fire…



Approach over Lake Michigan past Chicago


Little tiny marshmallow clouds 🤪😮


One of my trips in Tanzania,
Aircraft: 208 caravan
Airline: Flightlink
Destination: Dar es Salaam


Aren’t aircraft meant to be airtight, and thus smell-tight too?..


AWESOME!!! I lived in Tanzania. Was the departure airport Arusha?


Yes. It was a five leg trip, from Serengeti Airfield -> Dar was Salaam