Views from the plane window


My favorite view so far 😍





Departing FLL bound for SJU

Ps. This was during the summer

Approaching SJU just barely skimming the coast (Btw we landed on RWY 08 got excited with the runway assignment)

Departure out of SJU return back to FLL early morning

Landing at FLL 10L


Long exposure while banking creates a beautiful effect.


Oh jeez sorry lol oops


Throwback on my trip from Atlanta to Barcelona in Delta One! (Pictures of Barcelona only. Photos not in order.)


Immediately after departure from Goa international Airport, on SpiceJet SG454 operated by a Boeing 737-900ER to Mumbai.


I love Split Schimitars!!!


Here’s a couple from my recent trip to Boston:

And from MSP yesterday:


The A320Neo wingview after arriving from Madrid


Is that an Air Transat A310 I see in the back?😏


Oh I love the a310! I think it is one!


Yeah me too. Saw one in Barcelona and looks just like it!


I saw one at EWR, I think it is one!


My recent flight from Athens to London, my last ever flight on a British Airways 767. :(

The flight was delayed and my phone really does lack the ability to record in low light.


Taken on iPod Touch back in May, but I never posted it. Technically it was taken from a bus, but I was on the Apron. PAFA and the Everts Air Cargo ramp.


Another reason why GA is THE BEST!!!


Yup, it is the a310! Usually it is the a330 that comes so it was worth a shot!


A350 and Kilimanjaro, 2 in 1 :)


717’s early morning DTW