Views from the plane window


I was in the Aisle seat so this is a pretty crummy photo.


๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚absolutely love it!


This was a pic I took on an allegiant A320 last month on a flight from KJQF to KVPS


I took these leaving LAS. I wish they were clear. You can kinda make out the Las Vegas Strip!


on my flight from Denver to LaGuardia on a southwest 737-800


From LaGuardia to Chicago Midway on a Southwest 737-800 with the Manhattan skyline in the background



On Illinois one (SWA) 737-700 on my way to Grand Rapids from Chicago Midway ( this is my first special livery plane Iโ€™m so excited. They changed the aircraft at the last second.)


Overhead the Lake District.

Aircraft- Cirrus Aircraft Cirrus SR22 GTS G5 Carbon

Registration- N264MC

From- EGNH



Yesterday from Chicago Midway to Grand Rapids on Illinois one


These are from approach into Portland (PDX)! Taken with my iPhone 6, and they have a small amount of color editing to them.


Nice Boeing aircraft.


Was that the window?


Not a massive fan of the second one but the first one is amazing. Which mountain is it if you happen to know?


A picture over Florida from my trip yesterday on an Allegiant A320!


Yes it was the window.


Mount, Hood I believe.


Where were you flying? Because my plane windows never freeze up so much. Was it a mountain? Looks cool to me! ๐Ÿ˜Š




Chicago -> Portland. It was in September so it was chilly outside. It was Mount. Hood I believe :D