Views from the plane window


Beautiful photo! there’s some great ones in this thread for sure, but this is definitely one of my favorites!


Spotted the FC Bayern Munich team plane last year.


View over the Atlantic Ocean (EDDM-KJFK)

717 over NYC with the engine (KMSY-KLGA)


My trip from Atlanta, GA (KATL) to San Salvador, El Salvador (MSLP) via Ft. Lauderdale, FL (KFLL) in Spirit Airlines Airbus A321 and A320.

Waiting for Departure in Bananabus (A321) in Atlanta, GA

Entering right downwind runway 28R at Fort Lauderdalre, FL (KFLL)

On short final at KFLL

Descending over Lake Ilopango, El Salvador

Entering short Final at runway 25 in El Salvador (MSLP)

Landing in MSLP


Just flown on the actual plane we have on I.F. The Frontier A320 “Ozzy” livery!


Do you mean EEDM-KEWR? United doesn’t fly to JFK


Should be EDDM mate.



What phone did you use in taking all these pictures?


They’re all taken on iPhone 6.

I do have a couple using a DSLR, but they tend to misbehave with dirty windows.


Man that is beautiful, my iPhone 6s takes worse pictures haha


I think I have a pic.
Edit: Found it!


Another photo taken by me, flying from ENCN - ENGM back in 2015.



Mt. Rainier welcomes me to Seattle.


My dad flew to Washington(DCA) today from Toronto(YYZ), and got some photos from his seat on his flight from Detroit(DTW) to Washington(DCA) on a Delta A319 flight 1642, and I tried to recreate some of his pics on IF.


Southwest KSDF landing with 2 UPS 747s on the ramp.


Let me mix it up a little. Not many views from up front…


I am finally back in Anchorage


Chicago :)