Views from the plane window



They Look Really Nice 👍


Can you guess which airline. I’ll give you a hint I went from Amsterdam

Made this photo by myself at 0520Z


Is it an easyJet A320?


Nope, it’s not EasyJet


Vueling by any chance?






Departing KOAK over KSFO heading to Las Vegas for FSExpo


Yes, it is Vueling! But I don’t know the type of the aircraft


And I forgot to save the pic before I captioned…



This bird is going to tech ops when it returns to Miami.

AA 1182


Part of the flap appears to be missing. Is that why it’s going to tech ops?


Not so much that as a system fault. Should have heard the first officer rebooting the system after the master alarm went off during boarding. Was in the cockpit for it and the Capt did a second walk around.



Got to fly the SW 737-800 with split shimitars for the first time today! Didn’t check before hand so I guess I just got lucky! It’s an awesome aircraft!


Sorry to inform you and crush your hopes, but that is a Southwest 737-800 with split scimitar winglets. But do you know where I can check what plane I am flying on for Southwest?


Flightradar24. It shows the aircraft’s registration


Here’s one from 2014 when I was heading to Arizona for work; a shot of Lower Manhattan as we left KEWR.


Very old photo I was flying to Tenerife