Views from the plane window

These are from a flight to Las Vegas to Long Beach then Long Beach to Maui the from Maui to Las Vegas. Coolest/longest flight I’ve been on!


Beautiful Southwest!


Thank you!!

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The flight attendants were super nice and so were the pilots

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Seated, pushing back to BCN soon


Good picture!!!

yes it was amazing!

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WOW that’s amazing!!! That’s the coolest thing ever.

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it was truly a unique experience!

Just got back from a trip to Dubai and got some photos out of the window!
The approach into CDG is one of my favorites to watch from the plane video with some amazing views and scenery!

Start of decent into CDG
(ATL-CDG AF681) A359

Taking off from Dubai
(DXB-CDG AF665) 77W

Early morning approach into CDG
(DXB-CDG AF665) 77W


Wow what airline did you fly? And also how was Dubai?

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Air France, and Dubai was a great city with some cool things to see but hot! That’s what I get for going in May/June lol

Lol I have wanted to go to Dubai for a long time! Glad you had fun in Dubai though!!

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Definitely recommend going! Feel free to PM me if you have any more questions about Dubai!

Ok thank you!

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That is how Southwest (the best airline) rolls.

Of course in my opinion.

Agreed! Every flight I’ve had with them was flawless.

Some pics from my two flights today. #1 was UA120 onboard a 772 from EWR to BCN. #2 was Vueling 3702 on an A320 from BCN to MAH

Sitting still on the ramp due to a mechanical problem with the pilots communications system with ground staff

Sunset over the Atlantic

Around 6AM, south of Iceland, and the sun rose

First glimpse of Spain

On the arrival into BCN

Views upon departing BCN

The airport behind us

Menorca! Should be a fun trip


Jump seating on AAY to FL.


Just landed at LaGuardia inbound from Jacksonville.